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Buona Accoglienza Restaurant Association

During the course of history Venice became a cross-roads of different cultures and traditions.
Trade exchanges with the East and contacts with peoples from other Mediterranean countries combined with the imagination and skill of the Venetians exploiting this culinary diversity caused Venetian cooking to gradually acquire exotic ingredients like spices and cooking and conservation techniques used for new foodstuffs like the cooking of rice, salting and marinating techniques.

Inspired by the need to conserve foods during long sea journeys Venetian sailors created an original dish that has now become a part of the Venetian culinary tradition: sarde in saor, a kind of sweet and sour dish made from marinated sardines with onions, pine-nuts and sultanas.

Venetian cusine is a fusion of original flavours and recipes drawing upon local produce and traditions.
Even in the kitchen Venice appears as a cosmopolitan city, a melting pot of the worlds and cultures encountered during the course of her history and on her trade routes.

Today the unique character of Venetian cuisine lies in the great variety of local produce served in Venetian restaurants and changing with the seasons: fish from the lagoon and from the Adriatic sea, vegetables from the islands or coastal areas, lagoon game.

Discerning food-loving tourists coming to Venice in search of good cooking are faced with an endless number of restaurants, osterias, trattorias, cicchetterias and other eateries scattered all over the city making the choice of the right place a tough job!

How can we find a restaurant serving typical Venetian produce, where we can discover real local cooking and enjoy good food and the warm welcome that is a Venetian tradition?

The Buona Accoglienza Restaurant Association was established in order to address this need; the association is formed by a group of Venetian restaurants offering traditional Venetian cusine, a variety of high quality local produce and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The Venetian restaurants belonging to the Buona Accoglienza Restaurant Association believe that good food and professionalism are the qualities that make them stand out on the Venetian restaurant scene.

In the Buona Accoglienza Restaurants tourists and Venetian in search of good food are sure to find:

  • Fresh local products
  • A wide selection of extra-virgin olive oils, vinegars and quality cheeses
  • A varied high quality wine list
  • Transparent prices and good value for money
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