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The Venice Film Festival

The international film festival is a fix appointment in Venice (Lido island) due every year at Palazzo del Cinema which is in these days going through a major renewal. In 2009, the Venice film festival, has acheived its 66 editions and is the world oldest film festival (first edition in year 1932). 

The price is a golden lion, the lion is the symbol of Venice and it is considered one of the most important award given by the Cinema critics together with the one of Cannes and Berlin. 

The first edition of 1932, was thanks to an idea of the president of the Venice Biennale, Giuseppe Volpi di Misurata, the sculptor Antonio Maraini and Mr. Luciano de Feo who was the first director of the festival and the one in charge of selecting the films. Although the first edition was not based on a competitive base, the partecipation of great films is incredible, and the success of that first editon was much greater than any expectation.  

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