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The Historical Regatta

The Historical Regatta (Regata storica), the city's most spectacular festival, takes place on the first Sunday in September every year and involves a series of races with 16th-century rowing craft crewed by the Venetian rowing clubs. 

The boats go all the way down the Grand Canal, in the wake of the Bucintoro, which is a reconstruction of the ancient galley of the doges of the Republic of Venice. Crowds of both Venetians and tourist throng the banks of the Grand Canal to watch this colourful and picturesque procession.

The festival dates to the period of the Serenissima and was intended to celebrate her power over the seas and the victories of her mighty naval fleet or even to pay homage to illustrious visitors, like the spectacular procession held to welcome the Caterina Cornaro, bride of the King of Cyprus, who gave up her throne in 1489 in favour of her beloved Venice.

Every year, on Ascension Day, the Doge and leading civic authorities would set off in the Bucintoro to celebrate the wedding of Venice to the sea, symbol of the city’s naval power and its supremacy over the seas.

The festival of La Sensa is still held in Venice today with the symbolic wedding of the city to the sea marked by the dropping of a golden ring into the lagoon.

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