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The Venetian culinary tradition dates back to ancient times and is probably one of the most important in Italy.
For many centuries the Maritime Republic of Venice dominated the Mediterranean building up profitable relations and intense trade exchanges with a range of disparate and distant civilisations, but above all with the East, self-styled as one of the cradles of Italian cuisine which is now esteemed all over the world.

These encounters introduced new foods – spaghetti which are clearly related to Oriental noodles, baccalà (dried cod) and stoccafisso (salt cod) – as well as innovative cooking methods - like the “saor”, a marinade made from onions, vinegar, sultanas and pine-nuts.
The “saor” which is basically a “Sweet and sour” is a cooking concept imported from the East by Venetian sailors who used it to preserve foods during their long journeys.

Today Venice’s restaurants seek to maintain this important cooking tradition, sometimes giving traditional recipes a modern twist to satisfy modern palates, but always offering strictly Venetian dishes, sophistically interpreted and served with elegance in the city’s charming eateries.

La Rivista is a design restaurant opened in Venice in early 2000.
Situated alongside theHotel Ca’ Pisani, the restaurant is run by the hotel owners but has its own private entrance onto the street.

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The Fiaschetteria Toscana is a very typical venetian restaurant located not far from Rialto bridge in San Giovanni Grisostomo a very lively area of Venice of the Cannaregio sestiere (district).

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Osteria-Enoteca Giorgione is a charming restaurant right in the heart of Venice.
If you like good food you’re in the right place; the Osteria offers a wide range of Venetian specialities, fish-based dishes in particular, all prepared with fresh produce and using original recipes.

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Venice’s centuries-old food and wine traditions grew out of the city’s profound ties to its surroundings.
Here land, sea and lagoon have co-existed for centuries creating a rich variety of landscapes that gave rise to the many products used in the city’s traditional cuisine.
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Venice’s first Art Deco design hotel mixing retro with modern style
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